Southern Ontario’s Best Shooting Experience

The Range @ Urban Tactical is the newest that southern Ontario has to offer and rivals the best in North America.  We take pride in creating a safe, clean and enjoyable facility for all of our members and first-time shooters.

No license is required to use this advanced facility.  All Shooting Packages include Firearm use, Ammo and an informative instruction from our knowledgeable Range Officers.

Shooters must be a minimum of 12 years old to use the facility.  All Shooters under the Age of 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian at all times.

The Range features a State of the Art HVAC system which allows Clean Fresh Air to be cycled through the facility at a very high speed which dramatically reduces lead exposure and improves air quality.

We have custom packages, add-ons and premium targets available to give you the best and most exciting experience possible.

The Range @ Urban Tactical features 2 Indoor Shooting Ranges; Alpha and Bravo.

The Alpha Range: 50ft open concept range complete with an advanced rubber backstop that allows a near 0m engagement distance, making the Alpha Range ideal for advanced target shooting. Rated up to 7.62mm / .308 cal and 12ga 00 Buck.

The Bravo Range: 50ft 7 stall range complete with target retrieval systems, rated up to .50 BMG and 12ga 00 Buck and Slug.

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