Masters of Gloves

Masters of Gloves

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Masters of Gloves originated in 2017 from the awareness that for many professional users facing serious threats on a daily basis (physical attacks with cuts and punctures, fires, disasters, accidents, etc.), there were insufficient or inadequate hand protection solutions. With years of experience in the (industrial) PPE sector, we understood perfectly how urgent and vital this issue was.

Even though strong brands offering such products have existed for decades, it is striking that many users are still unaware of their existence or are not satisfied with their user comfort. One striking example is needle puncture protection that ultimately led to the development and distribution of the Guide CPN gloves. In addition, several other protective gloves were launched, including the combat gloves for the NATO.

After new requests kept arising, asking for very specific (tactical) performances, the brand MoG was established with one very clear baseline : we create for all those who protect us.
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