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UF PRO | Canada

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Before the inception of the UF PRO brand, they were primarily recognized by their company name, UNI&FORMA. UNI&FORMA had its beginnings in 1997 in Slovenia, driven by the vision to craft high-performance garment systems tailored for large organizations. Their initial focus was on supplying major government entities in Slovenia, including the Slovenian Military, Police, Customs, and numerous others.

With nearly two decades of expertise in the manufacturing of outdoor clothing systems for professional end-users, they began collaborating with smaller law enforcement (LE) and military units. These units presented even more exacting requirements for top-quality and functionally sound tactical outdoor apparel.

It was from these collaborative ventures that the concept of the UF PRO brand took shape. Introducing fresh product ideas, groundbreaking technologies, and previously unseen features, they swiftly earned a reputation as one of the most innovative brands in the high-end tactical clothing industry. Today, they take immense pride and feel deeply honored as highly specialized military and law enforcement units, whose lives hinge on their gear, opt for UF PRO.
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