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Oakley Forces Canada

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Oakley® SI Eyewear: Catering to Those Who Serve

Oakley, the renowned brand, offers exclusive sunglass discounts tailored for active military, retired military, and veterans, with special consideration for police law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency services EMS, and Government personnel. Access exclusive new products, discounts, giveaways, and more. Situated in Foothill Ranch, California, Oakley engineers top-notch sunglasses, including ballistic eyewear, uniform-approved lifestyle apparel like tees, shorts, pants, socks, and shoes, along with accessories such as backpacks, socks, boots, and bags. Complement your uniform with AR671 uniform-approved boots, ensuring the wearer sports the highest level of protective gear available for active military, law enforcement, and government personnel.

Oakley® Standard Issue stands as a dedicated division within Oakley, Inc., committed to meeting the unique needs of the U.S. Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMS professionals.

Establishing a partnership with the U.S. Armed Forces in the 1980s, Oakley formed an alliance to innovate technologies enhancing the safety, performance, and comfort of soldiers and safety professionals. A relentless commitment to research and development continues to yield combat-ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear. Oakley is proud to earn the respect of the world's finest by embodying this passion.

This dedication has given rise to the Oakley SI line, offering unparalleled optical clarity and maintaining the highest levels of protection. Constantly evolving, new generations of products are developed at Oakley's research and production facility in Foothill Ranch, California, with each innovation redefining the standards of performance eyewear. If the necessary technology for Oakley's customers does not exist, the brand invents it.

Oakley Standard Issue functions as an exclusive membership program designed solely for Active, Reserve, or Veteran U.S. Armed Force members, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, EMT, and other Government customers. Membership is free, granting access to exclusive Oakley products and direct pricing. Over several decades, Oakley has built a robust program and remains dedicated to upholding its integrity for those who serve.

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