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Kendric Projects

Kendric Projects

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Welcome to Kendric Projects, a Canadian-owned company that places safety as the utmost priority in medical and life-threatening emergency transport. Kendric Projects stands firmly behind First Responders, ensuring their safety while maximizing the efficiency and organization of their overall work environment. The product line has been meticulously developed in collaboration with industry leaders to meet the unique and custom requirements of the air medical and EMS industries.

At Kendric Projects, they believe in prioritizing safety during emergency transport. The Technical Safety Apparel offered by the company includes a variety of products such as 3-layer outer jackets, soft-shell jackets, and tactical vests. These items are specifically designed to cater to the distinct needs of the Air Medical, Paramedics, and EMS industry. Kendric Projects engages directly with its customers, working closely to design and manufacture company-specific products that address safety and workplace requirements.

In addition to the apparel line, Kendric Projects offers aviation-specific soft storage solutions and functional instrument cases. These products are designed with precision to significantly enhance the confined spaces of unique air medical helicopters and various EMS applications. Kendric Projects is a trusted source for high-quality, industry-specific safety solutions, prioritizing the well-being of those who serve on the front lines.

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